Friday, July 19, 2013

Xterm Termite Baiting System Installation of a House infested with Termite species Coptotermes vastator

The most destructive species of subterranean termites infesting both rural and urban areas of the Philippines, the Coptotermes vastator, silently creeps and chews on anything containing wood cellulose. Common signs of infestation includes earthern tunnels along edges and more often sandwhiched between walls, hollowed wooden fixtures such as door jambs, ticking sound resembling a sand being poured continuously and physical evidences such as books and stored clothing being chewed and the termites itself scampering when you have discovered them. Worst if you are sleeping and the wall and ceiling came down on you.

Since the introduction of the termite baiting systems, pest control professionals and homeowners alike testifies to the efficacy of it and how termite colonies are being eliminated with the the homeowners happily watching on their activity everytime a technician is in the house to refill baits on the feeding stations.

To date, Xterm Termite Baiting system has proved it is the fastest termite colony elimination system. It can be installed without prior mixing of wettable powder baits & messy applications. Termites readily eats on the bait cartridge without knowing it would be their last supper. Treatment start by thorough check up of the house for evidence of termite infestation.

Termite soldiers rush to defend when wood is being probed, a suitable place to install the Xterm Above Ground Station
JC Jansen Pest control termite

 Installation of Xterm AG Stations is fast as a breeze....

 Termites feeding on the bait; their last meal.

Xterm  In Ground Interceptors are installed within the perimeter of a structure to intercept foraging termites on the ground before they reach your homes.

These Termite Interceptors are monitored from time to time to ensure termites are intercepted, baited and killed.

4 days after installation, termites were intercepted by Xterm Termite Baiting system's In Ground station. Time to place the bait cartridge with Bistrifluron and let the killing begin!

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