Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Termite Control with Termidor


America’s First 100% Termite Solution
Termidor is new type of termite control that for over 5 years has faced the stiffest tests that US and foreign researchers could throw at it.
Without exception, Termidor passed with flying colors. In fact, no other termiticide in history has consistently returned ’100% effective’ results whenever and wherever it was used.
For you, ’100% effective’ means that you can now choose a termiticide that eliminates termites from you home or business for at least the next 5 years.
The most tested termiticide in history
Before Termidor was made available to American homeowners through Termidor-certified pest management firms, it went through some of the toughest tests in history.
For almost 6 years, grueling USDA-Forest Service ground board and concrete slab trials in Florida, Arizona, Mississippi and South Carolina tested Termidor. At every application rate and at every last location, Termidor proved 100% effective. No exceptions. No excuses.
Tough Japanese research 7 year tests against Formosan termites proved Termidor to be 100% effective. There were no exceptions, and among the termites, no survivors.
Since 1997, more than 100 single family dwellings and apartments from New York and Texas to Florida and Hawaii were treated with Termidor. Results? 100% control of termites within 3 months or less.
Over the past 4 years more than 20,000 homes in France have been treated with Termidor. During this period there hasn’t been a single failure or callback. Not one.
What makes Termidor different?
The active ingredients in Termidor is fipronil, and it works quite differently from other active ingredients. It also manages termite colonies in 3 months or less (that can be 2-6 times faster than the best bait systems). Here’s why.
Termites don’t know it’s there
Many termiticides are repellents, applied as a barrier. This means they keep termites away instead of killing   them. But if there’s a gap in the treatment, the repellent effect fails and the termites get through.
Termidor is non-repellent. Termites can’t smell it, see it or feel it. Since they don’t know it’s there, they forage freely in a treated area. The ’100% effective’ results begin here.
Kills individual termites in two ways
First, and like other leading termiticides, Termidor kills termites when they eat it (since they don’t know it’s there, they ingest it readily). Second, and unlike all other termiticides, Termidor is lethal to termites by contact. Thus, the termites don’t even have to ingest it to die from its effects.
‘Transfer effect’ controls the colony
As well as eating Termidor, a termite will also unknowingly pick it up and carry it back to the colony on its body. Every other termite it contacts, feeds or grooms will itself become a carrier, contacting and infecting others.
But because the fipronil in Termidor is slow-acting and allows the termite to continue its normal routine, it remains active long enough to transfer the termiticide to a large number of other termites in the colony before dying itself.
This combination of ingestion, contact, and ‘transfer effect’ (which is unique, and puts Termidor in a category by itself) routinely provides 100% termite control in 3 months or less. No exceptions.
Can be 2-6 times faster than a bait system
Termidor manages termite colonies a lot faster than bait systems, which can take from many months to several years.
In addition, termite bait is not added to a monitoring station until termite activity is actually observed at that station. As well as taking time, this also leaves the possibility of termite damage to the structure being baited, even though no termite activity is seen at the outlying stations.
With Termidor, termites are killed, dead. That’s why there are no excuses. And a lot less waiting around.
Is it safe?
Termidor is effective at very low application rates: typically, the active ingredient firpronil will be just 0.06%. Since 1995, fipronil has been used for flea and tick control on millions of cats and dogs, globally. And since Termidor bonds to the soil, there’s no leaching through rainfall or irrigation.
Does it smell?
No. Termidor has virtually no odor (which means neither you nor your family will notice anything). Since it’s applied with water, there’s also no solvent smell.
Who makes Termidor?
Aventis Environmental Science, one of the world’s largest environmental science companies. Aventis has developed a complete generation of effective, responsible pest control products for many different industries and applications.
How the ‘Transfer Effect’ works

   Once a termite has ingested or contacted Termidor treated material with its body, it becomes a ‘carrier’. Every other termite it contacts will be infected…….which in turn infects every other termite it contacts. But Termidor works slowly, letting termites contact many others before dying themselves.
And although the Termidor effect on individual termites is intentionally slow, the overall colony management is fast: it can be 2-6 times faster than bait systems.
  • red colored termite-1st individual ‘carrier’ termites.
  • yellow colored termite-2nd group of infected termites.
  • white colored termite-termites remaining to be infected in the colony.
Only Termidor provides 100% peace of mind against termites, period. No exceptions. No excuses.
Right now, termites are on the attack. They could already be in your home. In fact, if you didn’t think you had a termite problem, you wouldn’t be reading this. Where you live, termites are a threat you live with. Every single year, they inflict $2 billion in damage all across the country. When it’s your property that’s part of this statistic, that’s when it really hits home.
Mind you, there are plenty of products that promise solutions, from instant fixes to slow acting baits.
Unfortunately, none of them are Termidor.
  • Termidor is 100% effective against termites. No excuses. No exceptions.
  • It’s been more exhaustively tested than any termiticide in history.
  • Termidor data proves 5 year, 100% effectiveness against termites.
  • Termidor’s unique ingestion, contact, and ‘transfer effect’ manages colonies in 3 months or less.
  • Termidor can manage colonies 2-6 times faster than bait systems.
  • Termidor is a responsible, low-dose treatment, with no odor.
  • Only trained, Termidor certified professionals can apply the product.
  • From Aventis, world leaders in effective, responsible pest control.
- Information provided by Aventis Environmental Science


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